The cupped hand refers to a number of ambiguities that arise from the enormous endeavor of unifying an equivocal multitude and work out its inner dynamics and resulting figurations.

Here a brief overview of the relations that materialise in the cupped hand as object as well as gesture.

The cupped hand may draw water. As a vessel it is the place of an imaginary transaction in which the hand, or the person attached to it might be offering something (an empty promise as the German title suggests?) but can also be thought to be asking, even begging for something. Whatever the intent, it is a reaching out.

The person attached to the hand thus becomes a sort of mime, shapeshifting to represent a number of sometimes conflicting interests that need to be expressed. The hand that reaches out subjectifies the addressee and is to be imagined as in a transient state that moves back and forth between object/ toolhood and subjective demand.

These are constituants of trying to gather as a group and find a common expression of sorts.

As Magma Maria, we are warmly inviting you to have a look at our works conceived as parts of our individual practices that are now set in relation as a show that aims to overcome our, and possibly your understanding of Magma Maria as mere space or mere work.

We invite you to reconsider the hand reaching out to you.

Is it not maybe a room to dwell in?

Try to make out what it is that is gathering now in the creases and folds of the cupped hand.

It is hard to see because the lights went out just now, but they might come back on in about half an hour.

Sincerely, Magma Maria

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