RIO 2016

In March 2016, Dominika Bednarsky, David Morsi and I were walking along the Caminho dos Pescadores at Copacabana. A Google employee happened to be there at the same time as us, equipped with a 360-degree helmet camera to take pictures for Google Street View. These images have been visible on Google Maps ever since. From various screenshots of these shots, I have created a photo album depicting this place and our faces pixelated by Google. The book is being commented with Google reviews of this place, which in turn were translated into English using Google Translate.

In the naive and humorous form of a vacation photo album, the absurd and macabre of these shots is highlighted and a new perspective on authorship is directed.
At the same time, each order is passed on by me to CEWE Fotoservice, making it an "original" vacation photo album and creating an independent form of distribution.
If interested, please contact me, the price is 40€, shipping within Germany included. 

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