One bird two stones, 2022

Jakob and Masatoshi both grew up in suburbs with many immigrants and are influenced by the question of ones origin and how different kinds of systems evolve.
Jakob deals with the tension between belonging and individualism, and Masatoshi shows survival and fatigue in such social orders or circulation in the (eco)system.
The harsh and industrial environment of the suburbs serves as a guide for their work.

It is clearly the fence that fascinates both artists; in its physical presence, as an aggressive defender against intruders, and in its more invisible function of ensuring social order. However, when the fence is too high, it restricts the field of vision on both sides.

Their exhibition at "Win Win Lottery" is a diorama. The viewer can gaze at the two artists preparing the exhibition. What do they (the puppets) want to exhibit and why did they stop the preparations for the exhibition? The diorama shows the political nuances of a condition in which the exhibition space physically has no access, but visible labor.

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